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Introducing ideas 
that really stick.

Creative marketing strategies

& designs, taking your brand to
the next level.


Marketing is our passion

Maple Marketing & Design is an agency that is passionate about the growth and evolution of locally owned businesses.

Maple Marketing & Design is led by its co-founders, husband and wife team, Kyle & Nicole Hobin, who moved back to their hometown of Sarnia in 2020. Their aim is to bring their knowledge and expertise to local companies looking to take their business to the next level.


Combining experience of working for some of Canada’s leading National brands, they are here to help you elevate and flourish your local business within the SW Ontario region. Marketing is not only understanding the task at hand, but also about understanding how you got here and where you want to go, and through collaborative efforts Maple Marketing and Design find the ideas that really stick. 

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Maple is a marketing & design agency. Strategists, graphic designs and social media managers, we help local companies with growth and exposure.

We offer business specific support for all project types, from small graphic design requests to full business growth strategies. We are a full-service agency offering creative content development, copy writing, photography, social media management, website development, advertising and various support materials your business needs to succeed.


Brand Development

The strategic process of creating a unique brand identity to increase brand recognition, customer loyalty, and business success.

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Paid Media

Finding the right mix of digital, traditional paid advertising can mean amplifying your brands exposure.

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Graphic Design

Offering high-quality graphic design services for businesses of any size, creating visually compelling designs that effectively communicate brand messaging and engage target audiences.

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Marketing Strategy

A plan to figure out how to get more customers, stand out from the competition, and reach your goals.

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Content Creation

Developing and producing high-quality content in various formats to attract and engage target audiences, establish brand awareness, and drive conversions.

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Website Creation

Designing, building, and optimizing websites to improve user experience, increase website traffic, and drive conversions.

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Social Media Marketing

Creating and executing social media strategies, creating content, and analyzing performance data to optimize social media campaigns.

Thank You for Believing in Us!

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